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The Bible is our Only Guide in Religious Matters

Welcome to Pine Lane Church of Christ

The Pine Lane Church of Christ welcomes you to our web site.  We are located in the Birmingham – Bessemer - Hoover areas of Alabama.  If you are visiting in the area, or passing through, please take time out from your journey to come to one of our services.  If you live in our area, we ask that you consider worshiping with us on a regular basis.

The Pine Lane church of Christ is a group of Christians who follow Christ in name, in doctrine and in faith.  We try hard to maintain the identity of the church established in New Testament times even though her members live in the modern age.  We turn to the Bible for answers on how to become a Christian, how to live as a Christian and how to worship God as a Christian.


The Pine Lane church of Christ is non-denominational which means we are not part of any other religious organization.  We are non-institutional which means we do not own, support, or finance any health, social or charitable oriented institutions. We are independent which means we are not under any local, regional, or national headquarters arrangement.


Feel free to browse through our web site.  If you have a question or comment, please contact us.

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Our Regular Meeting Times:

Bible Study:  9:15 AM
Worship:  10:00 AM
Evening Worship:  5:00 PM

Bible Study:  7:00 PM

Recent Sermons:

Defeating Discouragement - David Deason 8/17/14

Christ Built His Church - David Deason 8/17/14

Biblical Questions About Baptism - David Deason 8/10/14

Lord, Make Me A Servant - David Deason 8/10/14

Improving Our Worship To The Lord - David Deason 8/3/14

Praise To God - David Deason 8/3/14

A New Creation - Andrew Beard 7/27/14

The Advice My Father Never Gave Me - Keith Stonehart 7/27/14

Dangers of Delayed Repentance - David Deason 7/20/14

In His Presence - David Deason 7/20/14

What Does It Really Mean To Confess Christ - David Deason 7/13/14

Confessing Sins - David Deason 7/13/14

God, Bless America - David Deason 7/6/14

Hearing The Word of God - David Deason 7/6/14

Men Who Understand The Times - David Deason 6/29/14

Being Ready To Defend The Gospel - David Deason 6/29/14

Do I Have What It Takes - Jeff Ferry 6/22/14

Learn To Think Like God - Hunter Davis 6/22/14

Rejecting The Modern Man - David Deason 6/15/14

A Generation That Knew Not God - David Deason 6/15/14

What It Means To Trust In God - David Deason 6/1/14

Fishers of Men - David Deason 6/1/14

Sermons from our Gospel Meeting with Andrew Roberts:

God Will Provide - Andrew Roberts 6/8/14

A Second Chance - Andrew Roberts 6/8/14

The Fruit of the Spirit in Your Marriage - Andrew Roberts 6/8/14

Little Victories in Quiet Moments - Andrew Roberts 6/9/14

God and Evil - Is the World Big Enough For Both? - Andrew Roberts 6/10/14

Young Like Joseph - Andrew Roberts 6/11/14

A Case For A Cappella Praise - Andrew Roberts 6/12/14

God's Soldiers - Andrew Roberts 6/13/14

Sermons presented by Kevin Kay during a gospel meeting at Pine Lane, October 13-18, 2013 can be found under "Sermons 2013."

Sermons presented by Tim Smelser during a gospel meeting at Pine Lane, June 9-14, 2013 can be found under "Sermons 2013."

Sermons presented by Bill Hall during a meeting at Pine Lane, October 7-12, 2012 can be found under "Sermons 2012."

For more sermons, click "Sermons" on the Menu bar above.

Our Singing August 9, 2013

A singing was held at the Pine Lane church.  To access the songs, hover over the Events button and click on Singing.  The songs may be downloaded.

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